Stakeholders and their involvement


Acea is heedful of the quality of the relationships it establishes with its stakeholders28, for such purposes it identifies, maps and
classifies the groups of interest, listens to the legitimate requests, seeks forms of constructive dialogue and develops understandings
and synergies, turning to account the singularities of the various stakeholders.
Even if the macro-categories indicated in chart No. 8, also reflected in the value codes, classify the main Group stakeholders, each one of them is in reality composite and diversified and likewise so are the methods for interacting and involvement.



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NB: the type, the characteristics of the stakeholders and their relationships with the Company are illustrated, quantified and analyzed in the sections of the Sustainability Report.

28 Stakeholders are those parties (understood in the sense of individuals, groups, organisations) which have significant dealings with the company and in whose interests they are for various purposes involved in the activities of the company due to the exchanges they have with the same or because they are significantly influenced by the same.



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Acea interacts with the stakeholders, involving the Divisions, Units and Group companies for various purposes. The methods for the  involvement of the stakeholders generate information which is used both to benefit the company and in the processing of the  feedback, often operational, to the requests noted. In the sections dedicated to illustrating relations between the company and the stakeholders, the numerous and various feedback or involvement initiatives are described.

In relation to the Community, Acea undertakes activities for providing information and raising awareness (for example via numerous initiatives care of schools aimed at increasing the awareness of the value of water and energy and their correct use) and takes part in encounters between the company and university students; the customers are consulted in a structured manner via customer satisfaction surveys, carried out each year and aimed at revealing their satisfaction with respect to the services provided, and via round tables consulting with the consumer protection associations on aspects of shared interest. The outcomes of the customer satisfaction surveys and the encounters with the associations generated specific initiatives for the improvement of the services, answering the requests. Accordingly, the regulations and joint conciliation protocols adopted by Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5 and the Acea Energia have been defined and in 2011 a permanent Monitoring Centre was set up into improper commercial practices together with 16 consumer protection associations. The relationship with the shareholders is constantly overseen by an appointed Division and with respect to the financial community and the ethical analysts the company sees to the contacts with the sector operators and monitors studies, publications and ratings in which it is assessed. The interaction with the institutions and with the competent authorities takes on the form of encounters, hearings and exchanges of information - documental and in the development, with the former, of collaboration regarding safety and protection of assets, such as that existing within the sphere of the National Security Monitoring Centre (OSN), and projects which generate positive repercussions on the quality of life of the local communities and on the  development of the area, like the project for sustainable mobility in Rome and Lazio. With reference to the Human Resources, Acea implements systems for the assessment of the in-house professional skills, planning the consequent growth plans, and creates training courses in line with organisation needs, periodically consults the workers’ representatives and defines trade union agreements. Dealings with the suppliers are overseen systematically also by means of the exchange of views with territorial employers’ associations; such interaction has been useful for establishing Qualification Systems active within the Group.